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DRM-Destination Resources Management© The Difference

We believe in the continuous evolution toward perfection for offering better services at all times. In our effort to excel we have come up with a new definition which better describes our company’s philosophy and services, and we introduce it in the MICE Industry for first time. We consider ourselves to be a: DRMDestination Resources Management© Company.

What is a Destination Resources Management DRM© Company?

“DRM Destination Resources Management © Company is the next logical step in the evolution of the DMC designation. It describes Consulting companies that have taken destination management to the next level of professionalism and perfection, with their in-depth knowledge and expertise of the destination, orchestrating all local resources,: historic, cultural, natural, and the infrastructure to create exceptional events that support clients’ objectives at all levels from concept to fulfilment. Destinations Resources Management ©companies are MICE professionals that fully understand their clients’ goals and endeavour to achieve them keeping in mind the customers’ interests at all times” ©

Tassos Pappas CITE, CIS

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East Africa is rightly known as the ultimate destination for safari tours with amazing, varied sceneries and an abundance of wildlife!

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